Letter Perfect Transcription


  • “Our Editors rave about your ability to get the syntax of a conversation, especially when a deadline looms! Some days, our interviews are last minute. It's usually an executive, talking the language of business where some terms are rather obscure. Your team always makes the effort to understand those terms so the context is correct, saving us time. The transcripts you make accompany our podcast interviews, we just touch them up.”

    — Knowledge@Wharton
    The Online Business Journal of the Wharton School

  • “I've used LPT for many years and throughout the time as deadlines have shrunk, Joanna and her crew have been able to keep up with our production company’s needs and keep her rates very affordable.”

    — Allen Feuer
    Big Fish Entertainment
    "Survivor School"
    "Bomb Patrol Afghanistan"
    "DC Cupcakes"

  • “I love working with Joanna and her team at LPT. They not only respect the privacy of the work I do, but, in rendering the transcripts, are sensitive to the literary nuances that accompany it. In terms of efficiency, they are scrupulously accurate and unfailingly prompt. In so many positive ways, they contribute to my job as a collaborative author.”

    — David Ritz

  • “Impressed! Letter Perfect was perfect for me. I used Letter Perfect Transcription to transcribe some interviews. Joanna got it done quickly and correctly.”

    — Jennifer G.
    Leading PR Firm

  • “Working with Letter Perfect Transcription has been excellent. They do a superb job and I don't have to keep an eye on what they are up to because they are literally "letter perfect." I run a busy production company and, to me, that sort of rock solid service is invaluable!”

    — John S.
    Naked Emperor Productions

  • “I’ve hired Joanna to provide transcription services for multiple television series. She is always attentive to a client’s needs, prompt with delivery and wonderfully competent.”

    — Amy Doyle
    Executive Producer at TLC

  • “Best transcriber I know — and has great people working for her. Fast, accurate, discreet…I wish I’d known about her years ago.”

    — Judith Newman
    Writer at Conde Nast, Hearst, Meredith, etc.

  • “It is both a delight & a relief to work with Joanna Parson, because you can relax and trust that the work will be done right, done well, done swiftly & accurately, and she’s so pleasant besides that it makes at least one aspect of stressful deadlines oh-so-much easier to make. Nice to have people you can still count on!”

    — Gerit Quealy
    Co Producer at 2WomanShow

  • “Letter Perfect Transcription and Joanna have served us well even as technology and our needs change. A reliable service that’s flexible and friendly is worth keeping, which is why we still rely on Letter Perfect Transcription.”

    — Laura C. Hart
    Director of Online Educational Initiatives,
    Dept. of Medical Ethics & Health Policy,
    Perelman School of Medicine, UPenn

  • “Joanna’s Letter Perfect Transcription is FANTASTIC. She is accurate, prompt, clever, personable and quick. She did transcription of interviews for me for major magazine work and there’s really nothing else to say than that she is terrific. (P.S. Having to check only three of the above boxes was very tough — since Joanna hits on all counts, even creative.)”

    — Jessica Siegel
    Journalism Faculty
    New York University

  • “Letter Perfect is well named — it is perfect. Joanna Parson and her team are immaculate, fast, super- smart transcribers of the most delicate and confidential material — and, if it matters (and it sure does to me!) they are helpful, accomodating, and NICE. I have been a journalist - author for a long time and have Luddite habits — and Joanna has gentled me through the still nervous-making-for-me transition to those tiny digital thingies. (Some of our sessions could be modern-day SEINFELD, but I digress….) She is the best. I have given her and her Letter Perfect team very sensitive, one-wrong-word-and-a-super-rich-a’hole-will-sue-your-magazine-to-kingdom-come data to transcribe and she and they are impeccable. I could not recommend them more highly”

    — Sheila Weller
    Author of the NYT bestseller GIRLS LIKE US
    Writer for VANITY FAIR
    and many other magazines.