Letter Perfect Transcription

Frequently Asked Questions

Do time codes cost extra?

NO! As a standard, we give you elapsed time codes either once every two minutes (so you can find your way through the recording), or for video, at the top of answers and every 30-60 seconds thereafter. We can read embedded time codes from almost any video or audio format, and can adjust time codes at any point in the process. We can even give you more time codes if that’s what you need.

And there is NO EXTRA COST. Time codes are included for free.

I like to attach my files to e-mails, or use Google Drive or Dropbox. Do I HAVE to upload through your site?

You can send your files whatever way you like. Our site is here for you, and is secure, private, and can speed up the process of getting your work done. But if you have a system you prefer, by all means use it.

Can I hand you my file on a drive, or from digital recorder or tape, like the old days?

Yep! Call or contact us and we will work it out. Keep in mind that the transcription process itself uses human beings working with typing software, and there may be some loss of sound quality if we are converting from a physical cassette or mini-cassette.

Can I personalize the style of the transcript?

Absolutely. We can recommend our standard styles of double-spaced documents, a very light editing of stammer and stutters, et cetera. Or you can let us know exactly what you need in terms of format on the page, or in editing style. For example, the transcribers can take out your questions, or edit them down to the main points. Or we can start or stop at any point in the sound file if you know there is content you do not need. We want your transcript to be as helpful to you as possible.

Will my work be confidential?

All of our transcribers sign a nondisclosure agreement, and we destroy files once the work is completed. Let us know if you need us to sign any further confidentiality agreements.

I only have one file that needs transcription. Do you take one-time clients?

Of course! We know that whatever content you send us is important to you. And if it’s important to you, we will treat it with the respect it deserves.