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LPT Research

After several years of working in collaboration with award-winning ghostwriter, David Ritz, Letter Perfect Transcription is now proud to offer LPT Research.

LPT Research includes our prestige transcription services with newly added features, as well as comprehensive research assistance. If you are a writer, podcaster, scholar, or anyone who relies on research assistance and transcription, having our complete package of transcription services, organization, and in-depth research provides for a streamlined project that will allow you to focus on the work at hand. Reach out to us for a quote including a discounted trial period.

“The way you divide up the transcripts along with your red summary highlights greatly help me focus on what needs to be changed.”

“I never take your speed for granted; it keeps me in the rhythm I require to finish this book.”

-Author, David Ritz


  • Headings in transcripts that describe and identify topics of conversation, which can then be collapsed in Microsoft Word to create a de facto outline.
  • After headings are created either as we go or to existing documents, topics can be easily moved around, or organized into separate documents or spreadsheets.
  • We also can be hired at an hourly rate for summaries of existing documents or videos, with or without time codes.
  • Get creative! Train us to help you in any other way that makes sense for your document creation; we are available to be part of your team.